Thank you, Erika for reading and commenting.

Accountability, punishment and the way we reward each other in society is a challenging issue.

I think it involves seeing our differences, realizing our preferences and biases without acting on them. Kind of like awareness of who we are, what are our arbitrary preferences and to live knowing I prefer tomatoes over apples while taking both for their nutritional value. Sorry, I feel it’s a horrible metaphor.

I hear you about your friend. Substance abuse is a challenging topic. Many start too young. At the same age we give them cars and tell them to drive everywhere. And then it is super hard to take responsibility for our actions.

I work on a Level 1 trauma center. I recently had to take care of a guarded (by police) patient who killed another driver while he was intoxicated. I never seen someone with so much regret over his actions. He inspired my story Wounds in Warm Hearts.

Then I had to care for this guy who killed his girlfriend in a MVA. Not an ounce of regret, only wanted more drugs.

I hope your friend realizes the consequences of her actions and she is able to stop the habit, which is easier said than done.

In any case, I’m not trying to judge. I’m painfully aware I’m not a saint.

Thank you again for reading and stopping by.


Finding inspiration in movement. Searching for identity with words, and without them.

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