Thank you, Aggy.

It would be cool if you guys would come to Canada. If you ever do before I travel back to Asia, let me know, it’s a more affordable trip and I would like to say hi!

It’s kind of hard not to lose hope for me right now, sister. Both personally and globally, pertaining my external world.

On the external, I see a grim future ahead. Sorry, I’m not trying to sound discouraging. Maybe there will be patches of good, and I need to learn to seek them and see them.

On the personal I’m back in school, but my insecurities take the best of me. I’m in a place that even when people tell me I’m great, I am unable to believe it.

I apologize again, Sister. I don’t like my dark moods and I think it’s selfish to tell you this things, but selfish I am.

Hopefully by the time we’ll talk again I will be in better spirits.

Knowing I cannot travel not even to Colorado doesn’t help!

Sorry again, and thank you for forgiving me. Thank you more than anything for listening.

Thank you for being a friend, Sister.


Finding inspiration in movement. Searching for identity with words, and without them.

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