I wanted to read the whole article before making a comment, but I feel that otherwise im going to forget.

I wonder if to successfully practice empathy implies also to communicate with the other, assume the other is being truthful and believing what the other is telling us and acting accordingly?

The point I’m trying to make is (and I apologize, you probably heard before about my interest in beautiful women). If a man who is too afraid to ask a woman out decides to pay a sex worker to secure her favors under the premise she states she is willing to exchange sex or her company for money. Should that man refrain from hiring such woman to satisfy his needs under the premise that she is not being truthful, she is not engaging in an enterprise that will make her gain money and should the man assume that she is not being truthful and in the name of placing himself in the shoes of the other, not securing her services?

I don’t know if that makes sense. I think I need to work out the idea. But I feel the same applies to an example of a young person doing a job that society considers meaningless. Do I go and get shoes made on cheap labor assuming the other person was enjoying the production process, or do I assume the other did this out of pure need?

If the latest is true, am I placing myself in the shoes of the other and maybe should I avoid buying shoes that had been produced in less than ideal situations?

Sorry, I feel I’m going beyond the scope of the idea probably.

Lastly, on a recent fly with my spouse, the flight attendants requested medical personnel, she is a healthcare provider as well, but she took longer than me to notify the fly attendant. Should this be read as a lack of empathy? An inability of her to notice the child drowning in the lake and jumping to save him/her?

(Of topic, she had taken lorazepam because she hates flying -so her mental game was not up to par-, and then she told me the FA told her that me and another provider seemed to have the situation under control-which we did- and the FA felt her presence was not needed)

I’ll continue reading now.




Finding inspiration in movement. Searching for identity.

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Pablo Pereyra

Pablo Pereyra

Finding inspiration in movement. Searching for identity.

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