Pablo Pereyra
1 min readJul 20, 2022


I think you should consider it may be the book.
I agree that if we are in a relaxed state, we may ease in any book, no matter how bad, I think there’s something to say about is the book luring me into its world or not.
I recently was reading this book (The Three Body Problem) and I got so lost in it that the eggs I was boiling when I started to read, exploded in my kitchen!!!
Yeah, the book was that good.
But I also know that when I read more challenging material (I been trying to read Paradise Lost for over a year now) even a fly distracts me.

Of course, flies always distract me!

Question, would you be able to tell me about your experience as a YouTuber, I was playing with the idea, and I got a GoPro but I was wandering if I’m biting more than what I can chew.
I know that I think to even get noticed by the algorithm a person needs to post very frequently and editing could be a pain, but I would like to know your perspective.

Maybe if you think it’s too long we can FaceTime or I don’t know if you feel like writing a piece, or of course, maybe you don’t feel like it’s a good time right now!

Thank you, Aggy




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