I think, I believe, the day will come when we may go extinct.
I just drove my son to school less than a mile away. That used gas.
I’m writing on this device and soon I’ll turn on YouTube because I can’t deal with silence. Electricity.

I feel sometimes that we need all this interconnectedness because we cannot see past our noses. I mean, I truly enjoy reading you. But what is the logic of Twitter? Or Facebook? Or PlayStation whatever?
That I cannot go and play outside because someone may kidnap me or my child? Right! They will return me untouched after I start to talk to them about stoicism. Ok, I guess my son is at risk because the world is full of perverts who want to get a 12 y.o. Fair enough, the internet wants his mind (and mine) and there’s nothing I can do about that.
Other to unplug it.

And take responsibility of my whims and wants ruining the planet.

Well, really. I don’t drive around, but do I need to drive around wasting gas?

And yes, this is not to play the guilt trip party at which I’m a host, but yes, he walks back home to school.

But I think we will need to rethink what it means to be a developed nation. Do we need to drive big trucks and fly to Vegas every weekend?


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